Lately I’ve been seeing an awful lot of public posts and closed groups popping up on social media sites that have been set up by people all over Facebook advertising a certain brand of CBD oil. These “reps” are advertising and selling CBD oil as part of an affiliate programme that offers an impressive 85% commission payout. After looking into the brand, their website and having a dig around social media I’ve come to my own conclusion that they are an American company out to make a quick buck and are hiring anyone and everyone to promote their products. You only have to look at their website and read about the benefits of joining up to learn that this is one of them “get rich quick” companies. Their enticing compensation plan could earn a rep  “a car bonus, an expense account, healthy income and more!”, providing they meet their targets.

Some of the reps are using pushy sales techniques to sell the product that they clearly know little about, their main aim being to make as many sales as possible. The company use reps with little to no knowledge of CBD, how it works and the product they are trying to sell.

People are signing up to join these types of companies with the hopes of making money without actually thinking about the poor customers they are trying to sell the product to, many times I’ve wanted to jump onto a post thread and comment about the mis-information being given by some of these reps. Most of them just copy and paste “testimonials” and give little information about the CBD itself. I know there are reps out there who have some knowledge about CBD and how its works but I’ve seen too many of them giving out bad advice, a prime example of this was a copy and paste testimonial from a Group in the U.K along with this picture (below), correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t U.K law state that CBD products must contain less than <0.2% of THC to be legal in the U.K?
hewrkThe misinformation and misadvise being shared around social media is not fair on the consumer and I would advise anyone thinking of trying CBD oil to do some research and shop around first. Look at the product reviews and what others are saying about the product and always buy from a reputable and trusted seller that has you and your needs in mind and not just your money.



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  1. Wow! I had no idea! I am a product reviewer, but I have done a ton of research on CBD, and am only speaking on my experience with the products and company itself and how their products have helped me or improved my life. Thank you for sharing this! I am definently pass on the info and let my friends know.


    1. It’s not the products here that I’m targeting as I haven’t tried some of the products myself, it’s the sellers who are giving out bad advice. It could be having a negative effect on people and on CBD when people are expecting miracle cures and not getting it. Maybe I should make that clearer in the post? Happy to be following you, take care x


      1. oh no, I knew you were talking about the advice their giving out, and I agree with you completely. No need to make it clearer, I think its a great post! Happy to be following you, too ❤

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