NEWS: Cannabis oil may cure Parkinson’s type symptoms

A woman suffering from tremors and tics claims cannabis oil controls her Parkinson’s disease-type symptoms.

Diane Lee, 53, says she was diagnosed with drug-induced Parkinsonism that causes her body to shake.

Mrs Lee, from Prestatyn, told The Daily Post her condition was sparked by the anti-depressant, sertraline, which she has been taking two years.

The mum-of-four says she was prescribed the drug to combat the effects HRT was having on her mental health.

She says her doctors advise her to continue taking sertraline.
However, Mrs Lee says taking the drug means she cannot hold a cup or sleep properly because of the tremors and tics she experiences.

The manufacturers of sertraline say in clinical trials in adults up to one in ten may experience shaking.

She takes two drops of cannabidiol CBD oil when she gets up in the morning and the same dose just before going to bed.

Daily Post videographer Ian Cooper filmed the apparent transformation after she took the oil.

Visibly shaking, Mrs Lee appeared to find it tough to undo the top of the CBD dispenser.

Within 10 minutes of putting a couple of drops under her tongue she stopped shaking and described a feeling of calm pervading her body.

Mrs Lee revealed her plight as the debate surrounding calls for the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal use and large-scale testing of its compounds continues.

A bid in recent weeks to debate the issue in the UK Parliament failed.
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Mrs Lee said: “Doctors refused to give me the drugs for Parkinson’s because the condition was drug-induced.

“They told me to reduce the sertraline because I have a lack of the chemical dopamine in the brain, which causes drug-induced Parkinson’s.

“But even if I drop the dose I feel it, so I have to keep on with the anti-depressants.

“The Parkinsonism causes tremors and tics. It’s not pleasant.

“The CBD makes me calmer and it’s the only thing that takes the tremors and tics away – I can feel it going through my body.”

Mrs Lee discovered the oil eight months ago after her husband Michael, 72, spotted some in a shop in Blackpool and decided to see if it could work for his wife of 36 years.

Mr Lee bought CBD in tablet form after reading it might help his arthritic knee – he claims it has eradicated his discomfort.

CBD is one of around 600 chemical compounds in cannabis with the strains being used medically low or devoid of the psycho-active (mind altering) compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Cannabis is a class B drug carrying a jail sentence of up to five years for possession and up to 14 years for supplying it.

Sativex is the first cannabis-based medicine (oral spray) recognised to have medicinal properties according to the UK Government but campaigners want higher strength and more natural cannabidiols approved for use on conditions from brain cancer to mild depression.

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