A personal CBD story so far

I talk to many people who want to know more about CBD and to people who already take CBD with great effects.

oil4This is a personal story that was sent to me about how CBD is working for them.

My CBD journey

In this personal journal of mine I’m going to talk about how CBD changed MY life and how it made ME feel. I would like to remain anonymous as I feel other people’s views on this are different and some people do feel that CBD IS A DRUG and it may cause some controversy around my life.

Before I begin I would like to make it clear that this is my own personal opinion and a choice I have decided to make on my own. I’m not a doctor and can’t 100% say that CBD oil will work the same for you but I can say for me it worked.

I’m 27 and for the past two years I’ve suffered really bad from depression and anxiety. My first reaction was to contact the doctors to get some help. Upon seeing the doctor and doing an anxiety and depression test he had diagnosed me extremely depressed with moderate anxiety he had prescribed me 50mg of sertraline once a day and told me to take 100mg of propanol three times a day. Obviously I took what the doctor prescribed as the only thing that would make me feel better. I was taking the prescription medication from the doctor religiously for six months. I still seemed to feel depressed and sometimes I would find myself more anxious than I have been before. Sometimes it would feel like I was relying on them.

After I had been taking them for six months my sister come to visit me and started asking me about my meds from the doctors. When I told her I was taking sertraline she told me that I should go back to the doctors and ask to be put on different meds as she had seen a documentary the night before about sertraline and how it effects the brain and that they was bad having negative effects on lots of people and in one case causing a lady to kill her husband. Now let’s not get into the effects sertraline have on the brain because again I’m no doctor. When I was thinking about changing my meds I felt rather uncomfortable about it and it did cause me a little anxiety so I just carried on as normal with the meds.

A few months had passed so we are looking at 8 months into my journey with depression and anxiety I was still taking my meds. My sister again came to my house but this this time was taking to me about CBD OIL, she was telling me that it helps with depression and anxiety and that she had been taking it a few weeks and felt loads better within herself. I then started to think about WEED I was absolutely petrified about taking it as I thought I would get STONED. My sister then explained that I WOULDN’T FEEL SPACED OUT and it would make me feel better just like it did for her. Upon talking about this she did say it worked me so it’s worth a try. Also she did tell me to carry on taking my meds from the doctors as I have been and just try it alongside them.

I then decided to buy a bottle of CBD OIL I was so nervous about trying it that I would feel STONED as I personally at that time though it was classed as WEED. I took it for about a month on the odd day with my meds and I started to feel different. I was beginning to feel less depressed and less anxious. All I was thinking was how good my meds were doing for me so again I carried on with them and the CBD OIL but like I said not every day.

One morning about one month ago I woke up and realised as I went to get my meds out the cupboard I forgot to put my proscription in at the chemist and I was out of sertraline and propanol as you can imagine my anxiety was at an all time high I was shaking pacing around the room thinking “what the fuck am I supposed to do now.” About an hour or so later I realised I had the bottle of CBD OIL in my bag and thought about what my sister had said to me a few weeks before I ran over to my bag got it out and took some baring in mind this time I had no meds from the doctors. All that day I felt on edge and still anxious but I didn’t have a panic attach. I just thought that the meds just still be in my system so that’s why I was fine.

The day after I could go pick up my prescription I woke up again took my CBD OIL and collected my prescription but as I felt okay again that day I didn’t take any meds. After a week of taking CBD religiously for one week I realised I haven’t taken and meds just CBD. I couldn’t believe it because I was an extremely anxious person and only believed that prescription drugs would make me feel better.

I am now one month on my new journey without prescription drugs only taking CBD OIL and believe me when I say I feel great. I don’t feel anxious or depressed anymore and I feel less lethargic and more energised.

I can’t thank CBD OIL enough because I now don’t even think about my meds and I know I’m not getting addicted to them as I take CBD Instead. It has taken time for me to listen to people’s stories and learn about CBD for me to realise that actually I don’t need “prescription drugs.” I am now beginning to properly start my journey with CBD OIL and I can tell you that it has been the best decision I have made.

Again I would like to state this this my own personal journey and I would not advise you to stop taking prescription meds without seeking advice from a health professional.

What I will say is please take your time to educate yourself on this wonderful thing as its worked wonders on me. Anybody suffering with anxiety or depression it’s worth a try and one day you could be like me telling your story to other sufferers.

Thank you for taking the time to read my journey so far I really appreciate it.
Love CBD

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I too have found great relief with a few ailments and like you was concerned at first around the stigma attached. I hope your journey continues to be positive.

    Liked by 1 person

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