REVIEW: CBD Brothers White Edition CBD Oil

I have been using CBD Brothers White Edition CBD Oil for a week now to help me relax in the evenings and to help with sleep.CBD front

This is a 10ml bottle and on the front of the box it says Whole Plant Extract 500mg, the ingredients on the side of the box state that the oil comes from Organically Grown Hemp Seed Oil, Cannabis Indica Extract (30%)

I want to make clear that this bottle contains 150mg of CBD content per 10ml bottle.
I was quite confused trying to work out why the front of the box said 500mg but when I worked it out I concluded that it means 500mg of cannabis indica extract has been used and the extract is 30% CBD, so 30% of 500mg = 150mg (1.5%) CBD per 10 ml bottle.

Instructions for use are: Sublingual application. Please warm gently before using if oil is too thick.

The other side of the box has coloured circles that represent things regarding the product.
In means Indica, GI means grown indoorsCo2 means it’s been extracted using the Co2 method and 1.5% means 1.5% CBD content.CBD Bros side

I have previously been using Sativa CBD oils and found that if I took it too late in the evening it would keep me awake sometimes and had the opposite effect I was after so I figured that the Indica CBD oil would be much better to use at night and was a nice low dose for me to end the day.

I didn’t need to heat the oil gently as it is slightly thinner than other hemp seed oil products I’ve tried and it had the consistency of an olive oil base. It has the usual CBD oil taste although this is quite bitter compared to others I’ve tried.

I noticed an effect the first time I used it, I took 2 drops under the tongue and I felt very relaxed and at ease after around an hour of taking it. I’ve taken the oil every evening and it has been having the same effects every night and really helps me to wind down and relax, I wouldn’t say my sleep has improved much but the relaxing effects have helped a lot. It’s quite pricey at £54.95 + £5.95p&p for a 10ml bottle but it’s worth the money as it did the job for me! Out of all the oils I’ve tried so far, CBD Brothers White Edition is my favourite.

CBD Brothers have their own specifically built laboratory located in Suffolk, England, where they combine only certified organic ingredients. They use whole plant Cannabis and Hemp extracts imported from Europe to produce a wide range of products, all containing high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD) as well as other vital Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Terpenoids, amino acids and Omega 3, 6 and 9. The plants are organically grown without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilisers and the oils are extracted from the plants using the C02 critical extraction method.

The CBD Brothers original Indica strain (White, Red and Black Editions) is grown indoors using lights in a controlled environment for maximum Cannabinoid content and yield, the other 3 strains used to produce the Green, Blue and Purple are grown outdoors under the sun, the Green and Blue Editions are Cannabis Sativa and the Purple Edition a Hybrid.

All their extracts are tested independently for Cannabinoid content and the lack of presence of pesticides and heavy metals.

Visit the CBD Brothers Website <<<HERE

3 thoughts on “REVIEW: CBD Brothers White Edition CBD Oil

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  1. This is a low CBD content oil at 150mg per 10ml bottle. It could help you with depression and anxiety but it would depend on many factors such as your personal CBD “sweet spot” and if you are already taking CBD. This worked for me but I also take a 250mg and 500mg oil during the day, there are lots of different CBD oils out there so I’d advise you to shop around and have a look at what’s on offer and make sure you know what strength you are buying and for what price 🙂


  2. Hi insightintocbd
    I am wondering if you can also use this oil not only to help you relax but would you be able to use it for mild depression or anxiety.
    Many thanks x


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