REVIEW: Love CBD 300mg Dutch CBD Oil

I’ve just finished a bottle of LoveCBD Dutch CBD Oil 300mg. The oil comes in a 20ml glass bottle with a spray nozzle and a lid, a dropper is offered if that is preferred and you can request this on the checkout page of the LoveCBD website. Their Dutch CBD Oil is extracted using the CO2 Extraction Method without the use of solvents, which is considered the safest method of extraction.

It has 300mg of CBD + CBDa per 20ml bottle. One spray gives 0.16ml of CBD oil which is a dose of 2.4mg of CBD per spray.

LoveCBDOn the front of the bottle it says a cannabis food supplement with olive oil 300mg CBD + CBDa and the ingredients say Cannabis Extract, Olive Oil.

The back of the label has general information about the product; Food supplements shouldn’t be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended dosage, keep out of reach of children, shake well before use and wipe spray nozzle after use.

Dosage: Take one spray daily for the first 3 days. If needed, slowly build to a maximum of 3 sprays taken 3 times per day.

This is a low dose oil which I would say is a good starter oil for someone new to CBD products. According to the lab results this oil is high in CBDa content (all lab results for all products are on the LoveCBD website).

Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDa) is Cannabidiol (CBD) in it’s acidic form and is found in raw cannabis plants. It has been shown to reduce inflammation and nausea, relieve pain and act as an anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant.

CBD is a primary active cannabinoid identified in cannabis plants and is a powerful anti-oxidant. Studies have suggested that CBD has significant benefits when treating a range of conditions such as anxiety, inflammation, insomnia, nausea, depression and pain.

The oil is dark and green/brown in colour and is slightly thicker than some other olive oil based CBD oils I’ve tried. It has a very earthy smell to it and the taste is strong and almost identical the smell (if that makes any sense?) This is one of my least favourite tastes of oil compared to other CBD oils that I’ve tried so far but that does not take away from the effects it produces. Most CBD oils have very similar tastes anyway and sucking on a piece of chocolate 2 minutes after taking your oil quickly gets rid of any aftertaste.

I used the oil sublingual (under the tongue) and used 3 sprays 3 times a day and it had good effects similar to other same strength products that I’ve used in the past and kept my anxiety at bay. I really liked the idea of a spray bottle instead of a dropper because I have found that the traditional dropper bottle lids can sometimes unscrew themselves due to the oil lubrication between the lid and the bottle head, this doesn’t happen with the spray nozzle type which made it easier to carry the oil around in my bag or pocket without worrying about it spilling.

I was very happy with the quality of the product and I will be buying from LoveCBD again, I’m going to purchase their 500mg CBD Spray next time which has a higher CBD content than the one I’ve just finished.

LoveCBD are a U.K company based in Suffolk, England. They sell a wide range of CBD products including, oils, capsules and balms that contain cannabinoids derived from Cannabis plants grown in the Netherlands, Lithuania, Slovenia and Croatia.

Love CBD

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