CBD Extraction

Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from the cannabis plant before it is put into products. Here are the 3 most commonly used CBD extraction methods:

CO2 Extraction
This method of extraction is performed with a piece of equipment called a closed-loop extractor. The closed loop extractor equipment has 3 different chambers, the first chamber holds the CO2 in it’s solid form (dry ice), the second chamber holds the plant material and the third chamber separates the end product.
CO2 extraction2 When extracting, the first chamber holding the gas pushes CO2 into the second chamber that holds the plant material, this chamber is kept at specific temperatures (31.10 °C) and pressures (7.39 MPa) to make the CO2 act more like a liquid. The CO2 then mixes and runs through the plant material to separate the cannabinoids and terpenes then it is pushed into the third chamber, which is kept at a much lower temperature and higher pressure so the CO2 gas rises to the top of the chamber and just the cannabis extract is left behind.

Pressure and temperature are extremely important in this type of extraction and it is not something that should be attempted by an amateur, it is the most expensive extraction method used.

Liquid Solvent Extraction
This method is usually carried out using butane, ethanol, hexane or isopropyl alcohol. The liquid solvent is mixed with the plant material to strip it of cannabinoids and terpenes, left to soak for a while then strained to remove any residues. The remaining liquid is then heated very slowly until the alcohol has evaporated leaving behind the concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes in the form of an oil.
Solvent extraction oil This is the most simple, equipment-free and least expensive way to extract CBD.

Olive Oil Extraction
Both safe and inexpensive, olive oil CBD extraction is a popular extraction method that is easy to do at home and risk-free. Raw plant material is first decarboxylated, or heated at high temperatures for a length of time to activate the cannabinoids (CBD) in the cannabis. After decarboxylation the plant material is then added to olive oil and gently heated to extract the cannabinoids then strained and decanted. Unlike the liquid solvent method, olive oil cannot be evaporated away after this process and because cannabis-infused oil is highly perishable it should be stored in a cool, dark place.olive oil extraction.jpgThis extraction method, due to it’s shelf life is a nonviable option for commercial CBD producers, but a simple, safe, and inexpensive option for individuals wanting to extract at home.

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