What dose should I take?

Each body is unique and effects and dose amounts will be different for each individual.

It is recommended that first time users of CBD start off on a low dose, slowly increasing until the desired effects are reached. Starting off “low and slow” enables the Endocannabinoid System to “wake up” and ensures the user finds their perfect “sweet spot” that relieves their symptoms. 5mg/24hrs is the recommended starting dose gradually increasing until effect is reached, this can sometimes take up to two weeks or more.

Taking too much CBD will not make you ill but it has been reported that symptoms seemed to worsen when the dose was too high. CBD is most commonly taken sublingual (under the tongue) in a concentrated paste or oil drops where it absorbs into the mucous membrane. Other oral methods include capsules and edibles such as cakes and chocolate bars and CBD eliquids are becoming a more popular choice with an almost instant delivery method. Others take CBD oil topically via lotions, balms, patches and creams.

There are many different ways to take CBD oil so doing your research, trying a few different options and seeing what works for you would be the best approach.
Everyone is different.

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