CBD Discount Codes

As a trusted and reputable U.K marketer of numerous CBD products I have managed to obtain some great discount codes for all customers! Just enter the code at checkout and the discount will be applied. CBDLife - 10% off order - Discount Code: CBDNEW10 Holistic Hemp Scotland - £5 off first order - Discount Code: 0102cbd... Continue Reading →

My blog so far

So far, most of my posts have been informational as that is the main aim of my blog, to teach myself but to hopefully educate other people along the way about the benefits of the cannabis plant. I'm really happy that I've managed to make even more people aware of  CBD and it's benefits just... Continue Reading →

Terpenes, what are they?

Terpenes are organic compounds produced by a variety of plants and are major constituents of cannabis sativa plants, which contain at least 120 identified compounds most of which have unique therapeutic qualities. Terpenes are responsible for a plants strong odour and taste and are thought to protect the plants from herbivores, insects and fungus. Like cannabinoids, terpenes bind to... Continue Reading →

The Benefits of THC

Although THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis, is still classed as an illegal substance in the U.K, research has shown that THC in conjunction with CBD offers many health benefits. THC is most commonly used for it's psychoactive affects which leaves it's users feeling relaxed and happy. Other examples of psychoactive substances include caffeine, alcohol and cocaine. Cannabis... Continue Reading →

News: NHS trial Medipen

The NHS are testing a cannabis product for the first time: The makers of the MediPen vaporiser are confident that by setting a precedent for testing cannabis products with this reputable body, it will have a huge impact on the public’s perception of cannabis. A cannabidiol (CBD) vaporiser that has helped thousands of people suffering from... Continue Reading →

Cannabinoids what are they?

Below are a list of cannabis derived cannabinoids and their effects on the body: Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active cannabinoid identified in hemp and cannabis plants. CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects such as those caused by tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Studies have suggested that CBD may have significant benefits when treating a range of common conditions such as... Continue Reading →

News: Chaos of the CBD market

Cannabis reform: The chaos of the half-legal CBD market betrays patients It is estimated that up to a million UK citizens consume cannabis regularly and primarily as a medicine. According to United Patients Alliance 2016 patient survey, 75% of users source their medicine from criminals on the streets while eight per cent consume an existing... Continue Reading →

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